Expecting God’s power in unexpected ways at WJ? 2016

ATTENDING THE WHY JESUS? 2016 THIS SATURDAY? If so, we believe that you can expect to experience the power and blessing of God. But maybe not in ways that you’d most expect. 

God’s blessing may show up in the new friendship that you’ll develop with someone sitting next to you. His power may hit you in one small phrase of a hymn that you’re singing with 6,700 other believers. His power and grace may flow through you in the kind words that you’ll speak to a concession worker, in the patience that you’ll show as you wait in a long line, or as the result of a generous tip that you’ll leave for a hotel housekeeper.

The power and blessing of God may occur in a conversation that you share with an exhibitor, or as part of a train of thought that will be triggered by a question that’s asked in an elective session. It may happen as you note joy and authenticity on the face of an Oasis Chorale singer, altogether aside from the song that he or she is singing. 

The touch of God on your life may even come in the middle of a traffic delay resulting from the I-395 detour. God often provides opportunities along life’s detours, and in life’s delays, that would never be possible otherwise, depending on how we respond to the circumstances.

So you should fully expect to encounter God’s power this weekend. But look closely, listen carefully, and act wisely. Because God’s power may be most powerfully manifest in unexpected ways and places.