You too can be a great Christian apologist!

ON MAY 21 BLAKE ANDERSON OF THE FAST-GROWING CAMPUS-BASED APOLOGETICS MINISTRY, RATIO CHRISTI, published an article about the WHY JESUS? 2016 conference entitled “Wicked Good Apologetics.” In the article he cites Daryl E. Witmer of the AIIA Institute as an example of how God can use the long-term commitment of even just one fairly un-acclaimed follower of Jesus to defend His truth effectively, even when that commitment gains little attention, is carried out in an out-of-the-way location, and seems to have relatively limited impact for years. We’ve been encouraged to provide a link to Anderson’s article here. And so, at the risk of it seeming to be somewhat self-promoting, we’re doing just that. We’re doing it in hopes that it will encourage YOU to renew your own commitment to practice and promote Christian apologetics wherever God has placed you. You don’t need to be a PhD, a gifted orator, or the author of five best-selling books, in order to be a great Christian apologist!